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Anti Kink Knitted Garden Hose

Drinking Water Hose
Malcolm Forbes
Drinking Water Hose

Good product as advertised, actual holds pressure and hasn't burst 👍plastic snap hose fittings s0tay on and are not leaking first try 😉 well worth the money and effort

Great quality soaker hoses

So glad we found some Aussie made & owned soaker hoses to use in our garden. Unfortunately the irrigation system previously installed was buried by tree roots and useless, so we found the best solution was to run soaker hoses. So far we've laid out 300m of them and they're great! Simple to install and the black looks quite nice too. Now all we have to do is 'plug in & walk away'. Certainly beats spending 3 days a week hand watering & they're great value too.

Aussie made hose for hose bargain

The was packed very well. The hose very well made much better than the bunning China made.

Material great - but can't connect the nozzles and accessories.

I want to love this product. But that I can't get the peices connected - I'm either doing it wrong or, more probably, I lack the physical strength. So I haven't been able to use it.

Very good

Purchased it for my husband. He uses it daily and is very satisfied with the product. Very good quality and makes watering easier.

Drinking Water Hose
Peter Falconer
I'm happy

Decent quality drinking water hose dispatched & delivered promptly. Pretty amazing as it was just before Xmas. Fittings are confidence inspiring as well.

Fire Hose Nozzles
john Dixon
Fire hose nozzle

Yes I'm very pleased with my fire hose nozzle, I have bought others form the likes of Bunning but they are plastic and soon break, Your nozzle seems solid long lasting, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Soaker Hose
Carol Gaskin
30 m. Soaker Hose

Very happy with the product. Have ordered another 15 m one.

Easy purchased and quick delivery

On the website it’s easy to find what you are looking for, with all the details.
Delivery was quick, better than expected.

Greetings from Canada

The product looks great but will not be tested in the water until next spring (late May 2023. Even with the shipping charges, the price was very acceptable. Delivery was quick considering the hose travelled halfway around the world. I am building a hookah dredge system for controlling invasive aquatic weeds in our lake. I am hoping other infested lakes will also want a dredge and I will send them your way. All the best.

Anti Kink Garden Hose -

excellent service, communication, price and very good product and Aussie made

Great Australian Product

High quality Australian made product fit for service, well priced.

Great quality hose

Great quality hose, doesn’t kink, it’s really strong and it doesn’t leave marks when you drag it. As good as it gets.

Hose is excellent

Just what I ordered, very happy with my purchase


Good service

Soaker Hose
adele read
wet spring

have not yet used it as it hasn’t stopped raining

Anti kink hose

Absolute blessing not having to wrestle with the annoying hose kinks. Top quality hose with top quality fittings. Fabulous 10 year guarantee is excellent. No complaints from me about speed of delivery, spot on..Well done to you guys.

Air Hose
Stephen Harris
Good on time



An excellent hose. It coils easily onto the stand by hand. And wonder of wonders. it is made in Aussie. I have no qualms about recommending it. Cheers.

Drinking Water Hose
Peter Engley
Drinking hose for caravan

My only complaint would be that the cost of the hose is reasonable until it comes time for payment then surprise surprise we are now going to slug you $ 23 odd dollars to post it out to you Please include the postage in the initial speel so us poor bunnies know what the hose really costs us delivered Thank You

18 Days

18 days for delivery is ridiculous

Drinking Water Hose
Leslie Derry
Caravan water hose

Great product delivered promptly thanks

Aussie Made

Great to be able to support and Australian Made product

Fitted Air Hose
Gerry Cassidy
Great value

my 20m hose was great value compared to shop prices. Delivery was very quick. I haven't used it much yet but when I have, I was impressed. The weather was a bit cool but the hose remained flexible. Fittings operated smoothly and seal well. And the part I liked most was "Australian made". Very impressed.



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