Soaker Hose - How to Use

How the soaker hose works

The soaker hose is a plastic watering tube with fine holes on one side and wide plastic fins on two opposing sides. These pinholes maintain an even water pressure along the hose while slowly releasing water over a 180º angle for better penetration. The lay-flat stabiliser fins prevent kinking and twisting and allow the hose to be inverted for deep soaking. They can also be used to nail the hose to a fence or similar structure.

The hose can be easily moved to water different areas of the garden, and can be laid out around curved or odd-shaped lawns and garden beds.

Use it as a garden or lawn sprinkler hose

To use the soaker hose as a sprinkler hose, simply place it in your garden with the pinholes facing up, connect it to your tap or garden hose, and turn on the tap. The hose will then emit a multi-directional fine spray, giving your garden a rain-like soaking similar to that of a sprinkler system. This can be used to gently waters fragile plants without damaging them, and conveniently water borders and other narrow areas of the garden.

Use it as a drip irrigation system pipe

The soaker hose can also be used as a simpler and cheaper alternative to an expensive drip irrigation system, simply by placing the hose on the ground with the pinholes facing down, and adjusting the tap to provide minimal water pressure. This enables the hose to slowly drip the water like a weeper hose, providing a deep soaking to your plants close to their roots where it is needed most, while reducing unnecessary over-spray and evaporation. It can thus become a great water saving product and a money saver.

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